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Jupiter Transit in Aquarius

Posted on July 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Shri Ganeshay Namah

Jupiter Transit in Aquarius

Jupiter is the planet which we all look upon, for Divine grace and the rewards available to us in Life. The transit of Jupiter from one zodiac sign to another in the sky is a very significant event, particularly for the astrologers. This is because the placement of Jupiter in ones Annual Horoscope is the scale of measure to know how the year will fare for the next twelve months for a particular individual. We know that the circular zodiac of 360 degrees is divided into 12 zodiac signs. Jupiter in its motion remains in each sign of 30 degrees for about a year, and takes 12 years to complete its journey through all the signs of the zodiac. Jupiter presently is entering the zodiac sign of Aquarius on the 20th of December 2009. It will remain here uptil 6th December 2010. We are looking to evaluate what the present transit of Jupiter has in store for us.

Jupiter as a Planet in general

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. So basically it is a planet of expansion. It is masculine and termed as a Brahmin by caste in the Hindu astrology. It rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. It gets exalted in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. Its debilitation place is the sign Capricorn ruled by Saturn. A strong Jupiter in a Birth Chart makes one honest and spiritual, confident and truthful, ambitious and religious. It provides Political leadership, knowledge, wisdom and judgment. Those who have some basic knowledge of Palmistry know that the wise King Solomon’s Cross is found and known as so, due to its placement on the Mount of Jupiter. A strong, well placed Jupiter in a Horoscope assures its owner of good luck and fortunes and provides opportunities in ones Life for expansion, growth and success. Power and authority is available to those with strong Jupiter’s in their Charts.

Aquarius as a Sign in general

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and appears in the 11th house of the natural Horoscope or Kalapurusha Chart. The 11th house we know stands for “Labha” or gains and fulfillment of desires. This sign is ruled by the Great Saturn. It is also understood by many, to be co-ruled by Uranus or Hershel as we know in Vedic astrology. Incidentally when Jupiter enters Aquarius this December, Uranus would be already present there and would give company to Jupiter, though Uranus is degrecally far away but shall remain in same sign for few weeks to come. Aquarius is a fixed and Airy sign as known in astrological terminology. This is the sign of a “Thinker” and it is also known as an intellectual sign. Aquarius is a sign of hopes and dreams, desires and aspirations. It is the sign of the future, of the visionary. It would be interesting to remind ourselves that the sign opposite to Aquarius in the Zodiac is “Leo” ruled by the Sun.

Jupiter in Aquarius – Behavior

The question is – what will Jupiter do in Aquarius, how will it behave- What would be results or outcome of Jupiter making its entry in Aquarius? Let us check out these.

Effects on the Mundane Levels

Justice is one of the keywords for Jupiter. The ensuing Year will set in motion a collective call for tackling issues like terrorism which have plagued the world since long. This time the call will be serious and not a half hearted one, and the intellectuals and smart brains from all developing Nations would sit together (not necessarily in the physical realm) and decide in consensus on strategical moves to curb this menace in facing all unsuspecting and innocent civilizations. A motivation and a strong determination for action from the Super Powers in this area, is going to yield some sort of support as well as hope for countries like India who are yet not equipped adequately to solve this issue on an individual scale and looking for external support and sustenance. The religious leaders of the world will also take a stand on this and offer their unconditional support. On scientific levels we can hope for major discoveries in the incoming year, and hopefully space technology is going to get a boost now with some technological innovation. Jupiter represents legal as well as religion. We may also expect a religious leader to turn as a Political leader or Head of country or some important Minister in the assembly. Jupiter is the only planet which can tame down Saturn to a certain extent. Aquarius is owned by Saturn and Jupiter here is placed in an area where Saturn is more positive and outgoing in its moods of distribution and allocation of knowledge advancement to those who are its keepers be it in Science, Philosophy, Medical, Space Technology, or whatever be the area of research. Saturn is the lord of Punishment while Jupiter is the “Merciful” or the “Bestower”. This combination of Jupiter in a Zodiac sign of technological advancement is surely going to present to the world a plethora of aids for human comfort.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign. Whatever breakthroughs are made in this period would be fixed, which means here to stay and help the mankind. Aquarius is also an Airy science. For certain, the sector of communications is set off to rocket through hi-tech gadgets unheard of or unimagined could be possible. Possibility of watching the Television on the plane wall in image may not be a far fetched idea. Neither may be using the computer on intangible solid form. Discoveries on the airy and ethereal zones may be more prominent now and within reach. Undoubtedly we are at advantage this year with Jupiter entering the zodiac sign of Saturn, Aquarius. Poland, Sweden and Russia will be the harbingers of some important news in the incoming months on the horizon and scenario of advancements denoted by Jupiter in Saturn. There would be innovations in activities connected to Surgeries, metals, Automobiles, Defence, Railways, Aero planes, Gas and Electric, Hydro electric, Wool, Silk, Hessian and all these areas will witness an immediate boost when Jupiter enters Aquarius. Stock Exchange will receive a push in form of great unusual turnovers. Foreign exchange will rise.On the negative sides we could witness earthquakes, famines, Death and overthrow of ones in power, declaration of Emergency, Increase in taxations.

Effects on the Individual level.

This is different from the effects of Jupiter in Aquarius on the mundane levels or connected to the masses. The same results cannot be applied to every person on earth in general. So we segregate the people of the world into 12 sections with each section representing each of these zodiac signs.
In this manner we now, can have 12 sets of results for 12 types of nativities.
But we will go a step ahead and try to narrow down the results using in the process, the great knowledge of Indian Vedic astrology we have been given by our Rishi Munis of yore who imparted to us the understanding of the 27 nakshatras or constellations also called as Fixed stars by the Western Astrologer counterpart though this term does not fit in exactly for the nakshatra, but due to want of a better word, will suffice.

We already know that Jupiter is about to enter the Zodiac sign of Aquarius on the 20th of December 2009. The sign Aquarius holds the constellations Dhanista, Satabisa and Purva Bhadra in its compartment. These are ruled by Mars, Rahu and Jupiter respectively.

We will now delineate the results for each Zodiac sign. Here the results are being laid on the basis of Ascendant which is the right way of approach, and not the Sun sign or Moon sign. Ascendant is the zodiac sign which is rising on the eastern Horizon at the time of your Birth.

For instance in the above Horoscope the Sun sign is Sagittarius, the Moon sign is Capricorn, and the Ascendant is Aries. The Ascendant always appears in the top centre bracket of the horoscope.

Results for each Ascendant.


You will embark on a long Journey. If you have been planning to make a foreign trip, then it will materialize now. Expenditures will increase. So will your inclinations towards religion and such activities. Grace of Superiors will be available now. You will also be able to repay your debts if any.


This is the period when you will gain through unexpected Income. Transactions which have not been shown in books will accrue financial returns. Gains through in-laws are a possibility. If undergoing any technical examinations like Chartered accountancy then will achieve success now.


Now is the time for promotions, rise and elevations in Profession and business. You will go for joint ventures and tie ups. Agreements may be signed now. Some recognition will be showered on you now. You will be feeling on top and ambitious with confidence levels at an appreciable high.


If looking for a new placement, position or job, it will be within your reach now. If sitting in some competitions then be sure that You will win. This may be a period of some stress in relationships though. Loans if required shall be available now. Stuck up payments may be received now.


Any investments in Stock markets will produce only losses now. Love affairs will not move ahead with risk of separations. Any manufacturing activity connected to Sports goods and products related to children will be successful. Partnerships would be more beneficial in this phase.


Time to get domesticated. You will be spending more time in house with spouse, than in office. Issues connected to education will now come up. Gain through land and property is a possibility now. You may also decide to give some attentions to your mother too and gain from her togetherness.


Short journeys will increase now. You can make good income through the power of your pen and communications now. Documents will be signed to your advantage. Capital gains can accrue through sale of land if any. This is an excellent time to make money through commissions and Brokerage.


You may now buy a new vehicle for you. Some of you may shift to a new house now. Some auspicious function in the family is a strong likelihood. If your mother is staying out of town she may come to visit you now. Your school educational certificates may now be required for some purpose.


You may now go for some renovation of your surroundings, be it of office or residence. Family Financial security will be of prime importance in Your mind and you will think of ways to get this done. You may now join some part time courses to augment and strengthen your skills at work.


You may have to leave your present locations now for a forced or planned trip to some distant locations. Your energy levels would be low in this phase. Tiredness may prevail. Investments in long term securities would be made by you in this period. Communications will certainly increase now.


This will be the best period for you now. All round financial gains and fulfillment of desires will provide you great satisfaction and contentment now. Most of your pending issues seem to get resolved now, and in Your favour. Money, Health, and Desires appear to be yours for asking now.


This phase will mark a breakthrough in your Career. Your ambitions now reach the zenith of achievement in part or full, but significant though. Success in Your Career is assured now. Grace from Superiors and those in high places is assured now in full. You will be a wanted man in your area.


– The above is a condensed Note of what one will face and a small section from the comprehensive and detailed predictions of the results which may occur.
– The above results will intensify and appear to be seen and observed in actual Life, from March 2010 onwards.
– The above results would also be modified by aspects and influences of other planets during the Year especially the Sun and Mars who are in constant motion in their orbits.
– The effects will also undergo some changes due to conjunctions of these and other planets during the year, with Jupiter.
– In the above report we have not taken the effects of retrogression of Jupiter during the year, which will form another lengthy article so we leave it at that. But in short Jupiter when retrograde will delay the matters signified by Jupiter in an individual Horoscope where Jupiter is placed in direct motion, while for a person with retrograde Jupiter at birth, Jupiter will seem to trigger the events signified by Jupiter which were hitherto delayed and, bring them on the fore.
– Finally, the above results will again be modified as per Individual Horoscopes of a person.


To conclude we can say that the Divine planet Jupiter will hand out souvenirs to each of the above class and sets of the people and one can look forward awaiting his turn and the set of presents allocated for him.