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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, An Extraordinaire African Woman Worth Celebrating!

Posted on March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are women who have done so much for humanity that their strength and illumination enlighten nations around them. Such women don’t allow inconspicuousness that has always made most women unable to live out their dreams dampen their excitement in making their world a better place. These particular breed of women go all out to lighten the lives of other women, children and even the men as well. These women have truly become lights in their aion. Standing out amongst this lot is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a very distinguished person in the women’s world. She was born in the capital city of Liberia, Monrovia. She grew up in the chief seaport of the West African country. Ellen attended high school at the College of West Africa in Monrovia; afterwards, she took educational courses at Madison Business College. She was also at University of Colorado and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. This notable leading figure got her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the later.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf started her political career soon after she got her Master’s Degree. She made progress professionally and stood out amongst her equals. Her great deal of skill and success is well-known! She is respected for her knowledge, expertise and achievements. This made the Liberia’s nineteenth President William Tolbert to appoint her as the Minister of Finance. She served in this capacity for one year and held senior positions at various financial institutions after she left the office. She got more committed to activities associated with government and finally made politics her lifelong job.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has proved to be an extraordinary African woman; she refused to be limited by factors that have made other African women ineffectual. Her getting married at a tender age didn’t stop her from skillfully writing her name on a glass with a diamond pen; this she did via her numerous achievements. She has progressed on every side; showing strength of passion and purpose. Ellen as a woman of passion is committed to high moral principles, professional standards and sustainable results. She is well known for her uprightness and good governance.

Ellen is a woman who gives others sense of purpose. She is a respectable leader who believes in doing things the right way. This therefore led her to speak out loud for the rights of women. She also promotes the importance of education in order to provide a better future for her country and its people. Her impact is felt beyond the depth of her country; she is really a success who is appreciated worldwide.

Sirleaf is a prudent woman who has directed her strategies very well to become an eminent political leader. She has power relationships in the political field; this powerful woman was among those who established the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. She successfully won the 2005 Presidential election in Liberia and was sworn in as the premier elected female Head of Government in Africa, in January 2006. Her government has done so well that the people of Liberia celebrated her leadership and re-elected her as their President five years later.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a noble person who was awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her achievement in upholding Liberian reconciliation. Her undemanding effort in ensuring that women are unharmed, and equipping them to exercise their rights is worth emulating.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a woman of sound character, a superb leader who till date still re-writes history. Though her mother did not have enough money to cater for herself, and her father was taken care of by different families while he was growing up, Ellen refused to pack in the same parking lot with her parents. She defined a new life for herself; yes, she chartered a new course for her future. Unlike other African women, she got positively charged and put her best foot forward. Motherhood and the task of parenting did not stop her because she refused to stop herself either.

She has done so well at various levels; she is known for her result-oriented strategies that have enabled the government to manage their finances effectively. She pursued her financial career with gusto. Her heading various banking institutions is a proof. She has a professional track record that is worth talking about. She worked with Liberian bank for Development, CitiBank, Equator Bank and the United Nations Bank. She has reconstructed and developed structures that are efficient and effective. She also worked with the United Nations Development Programme as an Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Ellen’s prominence is really influencing Africa, especially her country Liberia. She has brought Liberia back to the outstanding status and integrity the outside world knew the country for. She is not just developing economy; she is also creating social development that has attracted the interest of many. Because of her, lots of International agencies have contributed to the growth and development of Liberia. She is changing lives continually and giving peoples’ lives a new meaning. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is an inspiration to womanhood; she has proved that what a man do can, a woman can do it even better. This mind-set has resulted in her being one of the best leaders in the world. This greatly blessed woman who has been described as the best President the West African country has ever had is a woman with many awards and Honorary Doctorate degrees.

This mother of four is an innovative status-symbol who has immortalized her name to give the world something very exceptional. She has gone beyond being a mother to being a role model and an exemplary person. She is a woman who has great passion for the future. Even as a grandmother of eleven, Ellen has done the ground work of imagination; she has taken dreams to realities. She has written various books; addressing matters that are needful for a successful world.

Her assessments are life-changing; she is really a woman of honour who has what it takes to build a better world. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf knew she will be great and therefore took herself to the stage of success.

You are a woman like her and you have what the ability to make a success and be celebrated. Do not hold yourself back anymore, you are exceptionally gifted to impact the world with the investment of your personality.

Copyright, Jaachynma Agu

Philadelphia School Districts – Offering a No Child is Left Behind Program

Posted on March 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

The School District of Philadelphia is dedicated to creating a positive and safe environment to all the students, parents, staff, teachers and community partners. Their core beliefs gave a strong foundation to the continued success of the district.

They prioritize the children first of all, along with parents as their partners. They also believe that the success of a classroom relies on a teacher with strong leadership and accountability.

The No Child Left Behind Program is one of their main thrusts in achieving high levels of improvement and progress in all students. This program honors public and private elementary, middle and high schools that can demonstrate superior academic achievement.

A few educational institutions in Philadelphia already received the 2008 No Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon Schools. Among the selected schools are George Washington Carver High School of Engineering, Philadelphia’s Russell Conwell Middle School and Science High School. The continuing support of the governing body of Philadelphia’s School District gave a new face on good reforms on the overall situation of the schools.

The school board of Philadelphia was created in 1850 to supervise schools in the vicinity. During 1867 the Act of Assembly appointed the judges as controllers of the public schools to eliminate politics from the management. The state took over the district and the governor appointed five members for the new school reform commission. In spite of the funding problems and the threat to shut down the schools, the government of Philadelphia still managed to have a new management structure.

In the end, district-managed schools are given additional resources and restructured interventions to gain larger achievements for the children’s future.

The School District of Philadelphia has 8 school types namely; the preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, technical/vocational school, programs, special school and charter school.

The African-American was among the most student-enrolled sector by ethnicity for public and charter schools. Second is the Hispanic, and third are the white Americans. Among the fourth and fifth on standing are Asian and Native American.

There are 291 public schools and 55 charter schools in Philadelphia. Students enrolled as of mid-October 2005 were about 184,560. Now, more students rely upon the good governance and success of its plans for the near future.

The District offers three main options for the improvement of student achievement. First is to implement a system-wide academic initiative within the programs. Second is to select a number of schools for immediate intervention. Third is the implementation of academic initiatives throughout the schools in the district.

The district is governed by the five-member School Reform Commissions. The success and failure of the district governance has not been driven that much by what the last governing body did. The new structure of Philadelphia School Districts refocuses on making policies and monitoring performance, as well as balancing the academic and financial goals. It also listens to the concerns of parents. This situation creates a governing support for improvement.

The School District provides free school bus service and free student tokens to their students to meet eligibility requirements. There are reduced fair tokens to students who do not meet the requirements.
The district serves about 117,000 lunches and 52,000 breakfasts, 4,200 for snacks and 5 to 10 thousand for dinner meals. About 76 percent of the students are eligible for free and reduced-price meals. High school students are given job opportunities in the federal government.

The district plans to give every student a kind of world-class education, equitable resource allocation for the students’ needs and accountability for all adults in the District base.

The 45-Day action plan is the first initiative in support of empowering different schools. Schools will receive professional development, quarterly assessment in math and reading, assistance to response team and monthly walk-through. Other supports include instructional specialists, full-time and substitute teachers, increased nursing services and social service liaisons.

The success of the new structures and services made a confident move in making the School District of Philadelphia gain awards in their No Child Left Behind Program. Today, more and more nomination to Pennsylvania schools is being submitted for possible recognition of the No Child Left Behind-Blue Ribbon Schools.

Attending the 2010 Howard University Law School Graduation

Posted on February 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

This spring, as happens every year, thousands of prospective lawyers graduated from law schools throughout the nation and the world. These ambitious young people are on the threshold of new careers in which many will excel and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Looking at people in high government offices, elective positions, and corporate leaders, it is well known that lawyers are among the most populous of the occupations from which these individuals who are leaders within the nation come. Although there are jokes made about lawyers on a regular basis, it is a fact that it is a prestigious profession which generally commands respect and honor.

There was a period in history when Japanese Americans became lawyers but could not get jobs because of discrimination and prejudice against them before World War II began. They faced much of the same discrimination that was hurdled at African American young college students at that time.

It was my privilege this year to attend the graduation ceremony of the Howard University School of Law to which we were invited by an outstanding young friend who was in the graduating class of 2010. Seeing and hearing from these young people as they embark on the next phase of their lives was inspiring.

Howard University was chartered by the United States Congress as a coeducational private institution in Washington, D.C. in 1867. Howard is a historically black institution which offers an exceptional educational experience to students from many different backgrounds. Although it is still primarily a black university, it embraces many different cultures. Howard University is located in northwest Washington, D.C. with the law school on a separate campus about fifteen minutes away.

The Howard University School of Law was opened in 1869 at a time when there was dramatic change going on in the country. Black lawyers were being trained who had a strong commitment to helping black Americans secure and protect the rights which they so recently had obtained. The six students in the first class met in the evening in the homes or offices of the part-time faculty members. The law school has been fulfilling its mission for social justice for more than 133 years.

Howard University School of Law was originally created to provide a legal education for Americans who were traditionally excluded from the profession. The law school today is continuing the important work for which it was started.

Many outstanding young people graduate from the various schools of law throughout the country each year with high hopes and great ambition. They will study hard for a few months before they take the bar exam. Then they make their mark as they enter the prestigious vocation of the practice of law and become full fledged attorneys in an ever changing and challenging world where their leadership will be needed.